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Whistleblowing Of Harmful Irregularities In Sport Through Learning & Education | Erasmus Plus
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28/10/2018. Sport WHISTLE partner S.S. Lazio Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse informed stakeholders about the educational material of the project. Stefano Lesti, responsible for communications of S.S Lazio Baseball 1949 stressed the need to report irregularities in sport. Media announcements ...

30/10/2018. WHISTLE trainer Mr Ziagkas organized the training event with Physical Education and Sports Science students at the AUTH Campus in Thessaloniki, Greece. Using the training material of the project, Mr Ziagkas informed future tennis coaches about the educational material and promoted the values of...

13/10/2018. WHISTLE trainer Mr Giannakis organized the training event at the Panorama Basketball Academy in Thessaloniki, Greece. Using the training material of the project, Mr Giannakis informed basketball coaches about the values of whistleblowing in sports.

13/10/2018. WHISTLE project team members participated in the Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon 2018. The team members also destributed leaflets to inform the public and increase the awareness of the runners about whistleblowing harmful irregularities in sport and exercise. [gallery size="medium" ids="16549,16553,16545,16557"]...