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Whistleblowing Of Harmful Irregularities In Sport Through Learning & Education | Erasmus Plus
Whistleblowing, Harmful Irregularities, Sport Doping Match Fixing , Manipulation , Bribery , Sexual Harassment, Bulling, Cheating
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24/03/2018. Sport WHISTLE project team members Dr. Stănescu and Dr. Stoicescu organized the INTERNATIONAL WHISTLEBLOWER`S DAY IN UNEFS. During this event, the project team members presented the objectives, the activities and the expected results of Sport Whistle Project. All the information was distributed to more than...

28/9/2017. The Interim Partners Meeting of project WHISTLE was held in Limassol, Cyprus. Dr Barkoukis provided an overview of the project and the dissemination activities of the project. Mr Dumon presented the KPIs for all workpackages. Prof Lazuras presented the results from the co-creation workshops in UK, Greece...