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Whistleblowing Of Harmful Irregularities In Sport Through Learning & Education | Erasmus Plus
Whistleblowing, Harmful Irregularities, Sport Doping Match Fixing , Manipulation , Bribery , Sexual Harassment, Bulling, Cheating
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Sport Whistle Educational Material

Module 1: Definition and presentation of whistleblowing

This theme focuses on the understanding of the phenomenon of whistleblowing. Definitions and processes of the different aspects of whistleblowing are provided.

Module 2: Benefits of whistleblowing

This theme focuses on the values of recognizing harmful irregularities in sport, and reporting them. It offers information about the structural benefits and people’s benefits of whistleblowing.

Module 3: What, how and where to report

This theme provides information on what kind of illegal/unethical behavior or misconduct can be reported, the authorized and safe whistleblowing procedures and where to report.

Module 4: Developing positive norms

This theme describes the techniques to develop effective normative messages and interventions for whistleblowing promotion.

Module 5: Self-efficacy and empowerment

This theme focuses on the dedinition and the main sources of self-efficacy. It presents tips and activities on how to empower sports people to engage in whistleblowing.

Module 6: How to develop a platform

This theme provides the knowledge to develop an internal whistleblowing system in their organization. It describes the steps on building the structural and functional elements of the organisations that aims to prevent the irregularities in sport activities.