Sport WHISTLE at the 2nd Integrity Hackathon in Sports

Sport WHISTLE at the 2nd Integrity Hackathon in Sports

8-9/12/2018. The General Secretariat Against Corruption (GSAC) in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (TEFAA) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) organized the second participatory Hackathon programming marathon on preventing corruption and enhancing integrity in sport.
This event was open to students, academics, start-ups, developers, as well as to all those who were interested in developing effective tools to raise public awareness of corruption issues and enhance integrity in sport.

Four proposals have been distinguished from the process.

First prize: The Fraud Line team, consisting of Vassilis Stamatopoulos, Christina Papasisimou, Anastasia Panagopoulou and Giorgos Panagopoulos, with the proposal to apply for a unified training platform and whistleblowing to promote integrity in sport.

Second prize: The Infinity Code team, composed of Athanasios Meleounis and Konstantinos Tsimos, with the proposal for the implementation of “Spirit”, which concerns the creation of a system of cooperation and exchange of information of the involved actors on the prevention of corruption and the enhancement of the integrity of the sport.

Third Prize: The e-transparency of Cyrus Iosifidis and Efi Hatzopoulou and Solitary Daze by Rafael Bidis and Charalambos Tsokas for the implementation of an e-learning platform as well as a specific information evaluation machine with “smart” algorithms that will facilitate research by identifying specific patterns that appear in historical cases and, respectively, the creation of a database of the business activities of all players in sports clubs as well as a platform for recording their social responsibility actions.

2nd Integrity Hackathon in Sports Invitation

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